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Written by Juniper   
Wednesday, 22 August 2012 00:50

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This episode has some discussion on entheogens and it about on hour long.


This special episode is a recording of Juniper’s workshop on trance (and such) held at Kaleidoscope Gathering 2012.



As Folks were gathering or the workshop, the sky opened up and it began to rain heavily. With permission from the organizers, we relocated to a gazebo. There wasn’t quite enough room for all, so some people actually stood in the rain to attend! Juniper had all her notes for the workshop on her phone and it decided to stop working for the duration of fest, so she had to wing it.

The practical portion of the workshop was cut short and simplified due to the rain; also the pauses were edited to be shorter for our listeners.


The opening music is Juni messing around with sound effects on Bren’s song “The Island”; she thinks it sounds like he is on acid and in outer space. You’ll probably think it sounds like crap. That’s okay.



Books and such mentioned:


To Fly by Night: Craft of the Hedgewitch edited by Veronica Cummer

The Cave and the Cathedral by Amir D. Aczel


The Earth Path by Starhawk


Also, follow this link: KG Workshops Follow Up

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0 #1 Luthien 2012-08-31 04:40
Dear Juniper,

It is nice to see that you guys are posting podcasts again and many thanks for broadcasting your hedge-riding workshop. I thought it was very interesting. I do have a question though. When getting into a
trance through walking or dancing, how do you proceed once you have
reached the state? Well, I suppose you can read between the lines that I am not very familiar with this. I am one of this closed up heads that has difficulties to get into and to stay in trance. As I don't quite know what should happen next I become so uncertain that a trance state is quite impossible to maintain. Back to
the question, do you keep dancing or walking while being in trance and havind visions, or would one stop and sit down, or fall over as one has no feeling of the body anymore? In my head it is for some reason either lying still or having an ecstatic fit. I can't quite imagine that one would proceed as before and still being able to trance. I fear that I will get distracted and pop out of trance if I do anything at all. I can't even change the position while in the process of, well trying, to get into trance. I mean, I do grounding and centering and all those steps while sitting, if I then just open my eyes I pop out, if I have even reached a trance state at all...

I would truly appreciate your thoughts.

Many thanks in advance!
0 #2 Juniper Jeni 2012-09-03 21:09
Excellent questions. Perhaps I will write a blog post or answer int he next episode that I record. Either way. I will ponder and get back to you.
0 #3 Luthien 2012-09-04 04:51
Dear Juniper, that would be great! I am looking forward to it.
Thanks and all the best,
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